Scheduling the routine needy child

My Hunter thrives on routine and lives by his egg timer to let him know what’s coming next.  We used to just talk to him about what was coming next but now that he is old enough, I want to make his routine a learning experience and give him control over his routine.  He has had quite the upheavel since Christmas. Isaac has been out of work since the 23rd of December (yes, Merry Christmas to us!). Needless to say, he has been home which is very nice in many ways but I think we have been lax about our scheduling since this has happened. He is no longer going to his daycare and is starting big boy preschool on Tuesday so I thought I needed to give him a schedule that he can go by.

I thought I’d share his schedules and you can feel free to add or delete for your own needs.  I am planning on laminating these and putting them on the fridge for him.


Our Daily Routine-MWF

<Our Daily Routine-Tues/TH

Do you have any tips that you use in your home for your routine needy child?

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