Finding time for “us”

With two kids, it’s not easy to find time for us these days, meaning Isaac and I.  I was reading this post today on Offbeat Mama and it really made me feel comfortable that I’m not the only one that feels this way.  No, I’m absolutely not going to broadcast my sex life over the internet, I’m talking about one on one mommy and daddy time – eating a meal together, lying on the couch and talking, reading books together, having a candlelight chat after the kids go to bed…those kinds of US time.  I’m exhausted, Isaac’s exhausted and frankly, it’s just hard to find the energy or the time to spend time together after the kids go to bed.  The other night we were channel surfing and I realized that we were both sitting there staring at this ridiculous show half asleep and I wondered why we don’t just turn off the TV and talk? Things become such a habit and sometimes I just hate this 42 inch black square on my wall because it robs me of my time with my husband….let’s get it straight, we don’t veg in front of the TV every night.  I am typically doing schoolwork or we are running back and forth from Hunter’s room trying to get him to go to sleep (sigh), folding the laundry, cleaning the house, showering (that’s a novel idea!) or just going straight to bed! I am lucky if I make it to nine o’clock these days.

It’s true, as a stay at home mom, I spend all my time giving my love and attention to the kids that by the time they are in bed, I just want to flop on the floor and pass out. But that’s not really fair to my husband who also works very hard all day and we rarely get the time to catch up other than the “how was your day?” “good how was yours” “anything new?” “nope”  These are just the conversations that we can muster after long days and after sleep struggles with our strong-headed 2.5 year old!  I’m ready for more substantial conversations.  We definitely do not have a monotonous life (who does with two kids!) but I’m ready to start making adult time a priority, no matter how tired I am.  I’m not sure why this lightbulb in my head went off but I’m ready to make it a priority; I miss my chat’s with my husband, I miss goofing around with him at night talking about silly stuff we used to do or just daydream about the things we WANT to do. Daydreaming is so healthy, if gives us a goal and a sense of being.

Tonight we are having a candlelight dinner.

What do you do to make time with your significant other a priority?

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