Immune Boosting Juice!

Hunter is by far the sickest I have ever seen him; he has a bad virus which is causing bad cold sores in his mouth so he can’t eat or drink. Poor guy.  We all just got over a two week cold so I am really not happy about this but it is the price we pay for going to school.  I decided I needed to make an immune boosting juice that I could freeze into popsicles for him.


Here is what I came up with (**all organic ingredients)

1 beet, including the greens

3 apples (i used 2 granny smith and 1 pink lady)

1 cucumber

2 carrots

a good chunk of ginger

a bunch of wheatgrass

a handful of parsley

**to juice the wheatgrass and parsley, roll in a beet leaf and follow with the cucumber to get the extra juice out.

It is quite yummy but use caution when drinking this. Beets are a powerful cleansing agent and detoxifier so be careful when juicing – it is recommended to start with 1/4 beet and work up to one beet in the juice. I used a whole beet because I juiced so much. Wheatgrass can cause a little tummy upset if you aren’t used to it but it’s a superfood – have you ever tried a wheatgrass shot?! I use the ginger to counteract any tummy upset these two superfoods may cause. When I lived in New York, I worked at this great juice bar Wildgreen Cafe (which is now closed) and remember the time I decided to try their detox juice which consists of beets and wheatgrass, unfortunately, no one told me to take it easy and wow, did it work…at the expense of my intestines!

This is the beautiful result:

Here is some information on the health benefits of all these fruits and veggies I put in this juice. **Some information adapted from the wonder book “New Foods for Healing” by Selene Yeager.


Beets have nutrients that have been found to fight birth defects and even stave off cancer – one of these nutrients is the B vitamin folate which is very beneficial for women. This vitamin is essential for nomal tissue growth and for fighting heart disease and certain cancers. Folate is especially important for pregnant women to protect against birth defects.


We all know that an apple a day keeps the doctor away! Apples can help lower the risk of heart disease, prevent constipation, control diabetes and even prevent cancer. It’s all in the skin baby – the skin contains large amounts of the compound called quercetin which is an anti-oxidant compound that can prevent harmful oxygen molecules from damaging individual cells and who doesn’t need that these days?! Apples also have a plethora of fiber which is beneficial for the gut and keeping us all regular.


Parsley can help relieve urinary tract infections and help ease premestrual discomfort. Parsley’s healing magic can be found in two componds it contains, myristicin and apiol that help increase the flow of urine; this helps remove infection-causing bacteria (Yeager, 1998).  This same action canhelp prevent premenstrual bloating – so nibble on some days before mestruation! Parsley also contains a largeamount of vitamin C, a half cup of parsley contains 40 milligrams of Vitamin C – 66% of the daily value!!


Ginger is my wonder food! It helps soothe an upset stomach, relieve migraine headaches and reduce clotting in blood.  Ginger blocks theaction of prostaglandins, substances that cause pain and inflammation in blood vessls in the brain (Yeager, 1998). I just love this root, it does so many wonders for me.

Do you have a wonder food you like? Do you have a juice recipe you would like to share?

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2 thoughts on “Immune Boosting Juice!

  1. I’m not a huge fan of juices with veggies but this looks good.Most wind up the color of mud : ) I’m a purest I love fresh squeezed O.J. maybe with some pineapple if I’m feeling crazy.

    • Thanks for your comment! I agree, love pure juices but the apple and carrot in this juice gives it a really nice tart sweetness that you can’t even taste the veggies. I’d love to know if you try anything, keep me posted!

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