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I have become very interested in creating my own remedies and cleaning products these days, especially because Hunter seems to come down with something each week because he is in school.  last night he was complaining of not feeling well (a common thing these days, sometimes true, sometimes an attention grabber). sure enough, I checked his temperature and it was 101.5.  Hunter has had two fevers in his whole 2.5 years of life so I know something is very wrong when he has a fever.  I use tylenol on children sparingly and tend to lean towards holistic and homeopathic treatments when things arise.  I did study holistic medicine in college but that was 15 years ago (oh my, did I just say that?!).  I know what oils are good for most ailments but I struggle with the dilution ratios so I found this great site to help me, she has great ideas, recipes and a dilution chart that is easy for even beginners if you are so inclined. this is a great post for preparing the cold and flu season

First, I gave Hunter a bath with lavendar oil and Wyndmere Immune Support essential oil, this can be found here or at your local health food store. It is very powerful and has a very distinct smell. Then, after bath made a massage oil for him that was supposed to help bring downhis fever, sure enough, his fever was gone by the middle of the night. I mixed a carrier oil (avocado) and lavendar and eucalyptus oil and spread it all over him and on the bottoms of his feet. He loves the smell. I also tied a sachet of lavendar with the immune support oil dropped on it so he could inhale the vapors throughout the night. His fever is gone but he is still complaining of mouth pain and won’t eat. Essential oils are not for consumption so I will work on this problem separately.

I bathe Parker in the immune support oil (only 1 drop) daily to support him and also give him infant probiotics to ward off all the funk that Hunter brings home. So far so good. We have an essential oil diffuser in our room that I place next to mine and Parker’s head with lavendar vanilla to relax us during naps and evening time. (I say naps for Parker, not myself – I wish).

Now that we are battling all these nasty germs that seem to infest our house, I have been on the quest for a natural cleaner to make at home. I despise the smell of vinegar which is a great cleaner but no essential oil can mask that smell. I found a great recipe with vinegar and one without so I tweaked it to meet my needs. Tea tree oil is a wonderful antiseptic – water and a couple drops of tea tree oil in a small spray bottle instead of alcohol based sanitizers are a great thing! You can also use it to spray on the toys, just spray and leave on and voila, santized. I just can’t fathom paying $4.99 a bottle for the Seventh Generation Cleaners. This is a great multi-purose cleaner. Some other natural cleaners contain borax which I use in the laundry but don’t feel comfortable leaving it’s residue on things that the kiddos put in their mouths. Thyme oil also has great antimicorbial properties but Isaac hates the smell of it so I avoid it, it’s very potent.

Here is the recipe I came up with:
2 cups water (preferably distilled or just boil the water first)
up to 3 teaspoons liquid castille soap (I use Dr. Bronners lavendar castille soap because I love lavendar and this house can always use a calming smell!)
1 teaspoon tea tree oil
spray bottle

Do you have any of your own experiences with natural remedies? I’d love to hear what you have come up with!

Cheers to a natural and healthy household.

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3 thoughts on “Natural home and health products

  1. Opa

    Taming the Wildmans? Is it possible?…
    Actually, I like the concept. Way to go, Jordan.

  2. Hi Jordan,
    Thanks for linking back to my site! I’m glad you find it useful and important enough to share with others. I’m glad you found my blog so that I had an opportunity to come to your blog. I love the banner! It is a very beautiful picture, did you take it?

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