Breastfeeding and all it’s glory and controversy

I may be choosing a controversial post for my first post but this is a subject that weighs near and dear to my heart.  After reading this article posted by one of my favorite bloggers here, I was more and more fired up about how many awful looks I receive in public for breastfeeding my child. A while back, I read an article about a woman who was asked to leave Whole Foods because other customers were offended by her breastfeeding her child in the store! That’s absurd to me, first of all because it’s Whole Foods and secondly, because if you don’t like it, DON’T LOOK. Which leads me to this wonderful quote/picture I saw on Pinterest yesterday.

I just love this.

Yes, I breastfeed in public, I do so less now that my little man is older and more on a schedule but when you have a two and a half year old with a schedule and errands to run, sometimes it is inevitable. I believe I live in a very liberal and open part of Colorado where the law states that you are able to breastfeed where ever you have the right to be – which, in my opinion is EVERWHERE. However, given that I live in this liberal hippie town, I am still bombarded with glares when feeding my child in the most natural way possible. I have a hard time not glaring back or calling these people (mostly the old men) that stare at me perverts . The article mentioned above spoke to me in the way it talks about the over sexualization of women’s bodies. Our bodies are sacred and such a beautiful creation – I can make a baby and nourish my baby for it’s first year of life, all with my body! I think that’s pretty amazing.

I am an adament breasfeeding mama and will allow my child to breastfeed as long as he wishes (okay, so within reason not until he’s 6 years old) but I believe in the health benefits, the bond you get with your child while breastfeeding and the trust it develops between you and your child. When we had our first boy, Hunter, I wanted to breasfeed him for as long as he wanted. We had so many difficulties with it, he was a great eater but was allergic to dairy, had horrible GERD and despite all my efforts and even turning to medication, I had to stop breastfeeding at 3 months – I was devastated. I knew that I was doing what was right for him and he was a different baby after we made the switch. My husband knew how important breastfeeding our second baby and is very supportive. I just love this article about a father’s take on breastfeeding here. As soon as the signs of GERD and dairy sensitivities arose with Parker, I took action and we have been successfully breastfeeding and he is thriving for 4.5 months now. I love this bond we have and I think he does too. If I had a picture to show how happy he is about breastfeeding, it would look like this .

Now, please, I don’t want to stand on my soapbox and preach about why you should breastfeed, it is absolutely up to you and your family and what is right for you. As I just stated earlier I had to feed my oldest formula, he is a brilliant (sometimes TOO brilliant), healthy and developed 2.5 year old so I don’t buy into the “breastfeeding makes your baby smarter” Hunter is beyod smart for his age. I am sharing why I love breastfeeding and I believe we all have our own opinions so let’s all just get along and allow people to do what they feel is right for them and their family and not create controversy about this subject.

What have been your experiences?

I’d love to hear your thoughts (good and bad).


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3 thoughts on “Breastfeeding and all it’s glory and controversy

  1. Gillian

    Thanks so much for this post! My daughter is 15 months and I’m still breastfeeding her. She hasn’t shown signs of wanting to be done and it just works so well for us. But I’ve definitely felt judged by family, friends, etc for not weaning at one year. It is nice to hear others feeling as I do!

  2. Jen

    This is so interesting to me, as I’m not a parent and really didn’t realize how many people give you dirty looks, etc, when you are breastfeeding. Awesome first post. 🙂 I just can’t believe something as completely natural as breastfeeding is controversial. People will ALWAYS find something to be unhappy about!

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